Laparoscopic Spay/Surgery

Client Information regarding Laparoscopic Spays

Laparoscopic (or keyhole) spays have been undertaken at Archway Veterinary Centre since September 2020. There are several differences compared to routine spays or ovariohysterectomy (removing both the ovaries and uterus).

Firstly we remove just the ovaries (ovariectomy) through two 5mm incisions made on the abdominal wall either side of the umbilicus (belly button).  This procedure has been regularly performed in other countries for decades and there is no reported incidence of developing uterine disease if just the ovaries are removed, and once this is done bitches will no longer cycle or be able to have puppies as the hormones can not be produced. The same benefits of routine spay (reduced incidence uterine diseases, mammary cancer and sterilisation) still apply with the keyhole procedure of course.

Unlike routine spays though (as the surgery is minimally invasive) there is less post-operative pain, animals recover quicker and are able to exercise earlier compared to a standard spay. There is also reduced chance of wound complications with laparoscopic spay.

Are there any disadvantages?

Firstly the main consideration would be the additional cost. We are the only Veterinary Practice in Jersey performing the procedure and the equipment and expertise requires a significant investment on our behalf. The cost will therefore be a £250 supplement on top of the routine price for a spay depending on the size of the dog (we can provide costings for a standard spay upon request). The equipment also has a limitation based on the size of the dog (giant breeds are more tricky to do just because it is harder to reach relevant structures with the length of the instruments that we have).

Secondly the clip for the procedure is bigger and comes right down both flanks of the abdominal cavity (*see picture below). Of course hair grows back so this is only very temporary, but it can be a shock if you are not expecting it!

When is the best age to perform the procedure?

For dogs less than 20kg then ideally it is best to perform the spay at 5-6 months of age, but we have spayed older bitches after they have had a season.

How do I Book?

Please call Archway veterinary Centre on 01534 872456 to make any bookings.

Is is just spays that can be done via keyhole surgery?

No, as in the human field there are a large number of applications for keyhole surgery. For routine surgery the equipment can also be used in male dogs with abdominally retained testicles, but we perform a variety of surgeries using the equipment to reduce post-operative pain and speed recovery times.

*Picture shows the extend of the clip performed for keyhole spays.