Let's be friends

The New Era Friends Club is the simple way to support your pet’s health while saving money.

Your pet will need routine treatments and vaccinations throughout their life, and our club gives the peace of mind that comes from knowing that this routine care is covered. We would strongly advise pet insurance to provide cover for accidents, illness or injury.

We offer our Friends Club for your cats, dogs and rabbits, breaking down the costs of routine veterinary services to a monthly direct debit, and giving your pet their vaccinations, parasite prevention and regular checks throughout the year.

Included in your yearly plan is:

· Four general health checks until your pet is 1 year old - these occur at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months old and are a fabulous way to show your pet that not all visits to us are because they feel unwell or are because they require treatment. This can really help with stress for your pet during visits to us.

· Two adult general health checks a year, at annual booster time and 6 months later.

· Annual booster vaccinations

· 12 months of anti-parasite treatment

· 10% off rabies vaccine

· 10% off spays/castrates

· 10% off dental descale & polish

· 10% off additional parasite treatment - for example additional wormers for those who hunt & scavenge!

· Free microchipping

Please pop in to one of our branches or contact us below for more information


Read our pet health plan terms and conditions here

Dog Pricing

Very Small Dog(0-4kg)£14.50
Small Dog(4.1kg -10kg)£15.75
Medium Dog(10.1kg – 25kg)17.00 
Large Dog(25.1kg – 40kg)£20.00
Extra Large Dog(40.1kg and over)£24.00

Cat and Rabbit Pricing