Unfortunately, at this point in time nobody can tell us what will definitely be happening after ‘Brexit’. Whatever does happen, it will affect us in Jersey the same way that the UK will be affected.
All dogs, cats and ferrets travelling under the scheme will still need to be microchipped, have a current Rabies vaccine, and a valid travel document. Whilst this may still be their current Passport, it is also possible that travelling Pets will need a separate document to the Passport which will need to be renewed regularly (possibly every time you travel). The tapeworm dose is also almost certain to remain a requirement, although the current time span of between 120 and 24 hours prior to return to Jersey may be tightened.
The worst case scenario that we can predict is that it may be necessary to have a rabies antibody titre blood test taken, which must be sent to an EU approved laboratory for testing as we used to have to do. The Rabies blood test cannot be taken until a minimum of 30 days after the Rabies vaccination has been given. Providing that the blood test returns a ‘pass’ result, you would then have to wait three months from the date of blood test before travelling. If the blood test returns a ‘fail’ (unlikely if vaccinated but it does occasionally happen) then the pet would have to be re-vaccinated and another test taken 30 days after this vaccination. The three month waiting period would then start from the date of this second blood test.
For animals that are currently vaccinated and travelling, this process would still require a blood test then a three month wait period (assuming the blood test result is a ‘pass’).
For animals new to the travel scheme the minimum period will be 30 days after Rabies vaccination then a three month wait, so effectively four months.
These additional measures may not be necessary if agreement is reached in the next few weeks but if you are planning to travel with your pet after 29th March then you need to be aware of the situation. This is especially important if your trip spans the 29th March Brexit date, as your pet could be trapped in France for several months!
Whilst it may prove to be unnecessary, if you are planning to travel to the EU or beyond after Brexit, then we would recommend that you follow the above protocols and allow at least 3 or 4 months before your planned departure date to complete the scheme.
We appreciate that this will incur additional expense over the current situation and cannot be held responsible if these measures subsequently become unnecessary. Equally we cannot be held responsible if you do not follow these protocols and are unable to travel either due to not allowing enough time for these procedures or through a rabies antibody titre test failure.
We do understand that this is a frustrating situation – it is for us as well!
We have produced this document to help explain the situation.

Any further questions should be directed to the Department of the Environment email: rva@gov.je or tel: 441600

D John Hamilton
Managing Partner

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