New Era Facilities

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Medicine clinics

What areas does “Medicine” cover? Everything that does not involve a surgical operation!


Problems involving bones and joints. This might be repairing fractured bones or caring for a patient with arthritic hips.


Canine hydrotherapy involves the use of structured exercise within warm water in an underwater treadmill.

Nurses clinic

Our qualified nurses hold consultations every weekday at New Era Veterinary Hospital.

Complimentary therapies

As a modern and progressive practice we believe complimentary therapy has an important role in veterinary medicine

Exotic animals

"Exotic” implies the “weird and wonderful”, however this title can be used in veterinary circles to cover just about any species that is not a dog or cat!

Equine unit

Our dedicated equine facility is centrally located at Rue des Canons, Trinity. It contains the only equine operating theatre and purpose built padded recovery box in the Channel Islands.

States of Jersey deputy veterinarians

For many years now the Practice has been contracted to the States of Jersey Planning and Environment Department to provide locum cover and assistance for the States Veterinary Officer.