Friends Club

What Is Friends Club?

Friends Club is a direct debit scheme to provide optimal routine pet healthcare for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits. This enables owners to spread the costs of regular health checks, vaccinations and flea and worm treatments (worm and fly repellent treatments for rabbits) over a year and applies a 10% discount to all these products and services. It can be started at your first visit with a puppy, kitten or rabbit and this entitles you to health checks every 3 months until a year of age, when they then move over to the adult regime of 6 monthly health checks. It is a scheme run by New Era so we can tailor the needs of the individual animal, unlike some other schemes for vets run by companies own the UK.

Are There Ant Other Benefits?

Yes, the scheme also entitles your pet to a FREE microchip, and 10% off the cost of neutering, routine dental scale and polishes and any additional worm or flea treatments not already provided under the scheme.

Do I have To Pay Monthly?

You can choose to pay a year in advance, but if you decide to leave the scheme for whatever reason there are no refunds.

Please find further details of the scheme attached

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Opening times

Monday - Friday: 8.00am-7.30pm
Saturdays: 8.00am-1pm

24 Hour Emergency Service: 07797 711585

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Practice Locations

New Era Veterinary Hospital, Victoria Road, St. Saviour , Jersey, JE2 7QG

Leodis Veterinary Surgery, Route des Quennevais, St Brelade, Jersey, JE3 8LL

Archway Veterinary Centre, 19 Oxford Helier, Jersey, JE2 4LJ