Equine unit

Equine unit

Charlie Gruchy GPCert EqP and John Hamilton BCSc MRCVS. Together they have amassed almost sixty years of experience in treating horses, yet remain as enthusiastic about their subject as ever. Supported by Roisin Wood BVetMed MRCVS and Simon Bewsey-Dyke VetMB MRCVS you will usually find at least one of them will be attending in an official capacity at the regular horse racing events, where they will always welcome an informal chat on equine matters.

Equine Services:

  • Our dedicated equine facility is centrally located at Rue des Canons, Trinity. It contains the only equine operating theatre and purpose built padded recovery box in the Channel Islands.
  • For complicated cases, on site diagnostic facilities such as Endoscopy and X-Ray equipment enable immediate investigation and diagnosis.
  • Our portable digital X-Ray equipment and portable diagnostic ultrasound scanner is invaluable for diagnosing and assessing injuries “in the field”.
  • We have an excellent relationship with a number of equine veterinary centres in the UK facilitates for referral of more complicated cases or transport of one of their specialists to Jersey, enabling complex procedures to often be performed “on island”.
  • Sarah Lewis is our highly experienced physiotherapist who can advise and assist in rehab and fitness training.
  • Acupuncture is also available for many ailments, courtesy of John Mather.
  • Routine vaccination. You will receive reminders of vaccination dates and advice on when to be extra vigilent. We advise upon vaccination intervals required for vaccinations to fall within BHS and Jockey Club rules.
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Opening times

Monday - Friday: 8.00am-7.30pm
Saturdays: 8.00am-1pm

24 Hour Emergency Service: 07797 711585

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Practice Locations

New Era Veterinary Hospital, Victoria Road, St. Saviour , Jersey, JE2 7QG

Leodis Veterinary Surgery, Route des Quennevais, St Brelade, Jersey, JE3 8LL

Archway Veterinary Centre, 19 Oxford Helier, Jersey, JE2 4LJ